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Chapter 5

In the fullness of summer we can feel the abundance of energy all around us, in the sky, sun, trees, rivers, and rain. We can feel life energy every time we breathe fresh air or are immersed in meditation. We have come to associate energy with the fresh, the natural, the animate. We expect to gain energy through the food we eat or the exercise we do. This chapter will look at the universe of energy that surrounds us and will help us feel and  use it, to give us more strength.

In the rush to define energy through our own perception and language we have placed limits on its availability. We sometimes suffer from fatigue or weariness and often blame it on our lifestyle. We feel energised when we eat or when we are surrounded by nature, near a river. We feel happy and energised enjoying the company of a close friend. We gain much energy from doing these wonderful things, however we have come to believe that energy is rationed and can only be gained through particular daily routines. This is a fallacy!!!

We live in an incredibly vast ocean of energy. Energy even exists within the keyboard we type or on the plate we use to eat on. Meditation replenishes much of the energy that we seem to lose in our daily pursuits. However, there are vast resources of energy that constantly surround us, that we tend to ignore. From an early age, we have trained our mind to focus on matter in general and objects in particular. We immediately recognise objects that we see in our daily lives. We know their color, we can describe their shape and even talk about them with our friends, without having to go through the lengthy process of describing how they work. Yet below this shape and color there is energy. Lots of it. Energy is far more difficult to describe and quantify and as a result our perception of it has become limited.

For thousands of years Eastern Philosophy has regarded these objects as forms of energy. Western science has further confirmed this with the discovery of atoms and sub-atomic particles. Therefore if we were capable of receiving inputs of energy of all possible frequencies we would see ourselves amidst an infinite source of energy where the concepts of boundaries, scarcity and the fears associated with them would disappear. We would have no problem replenishing our energy or strength just by concentrating on any object that was near us.

If our focus shifts from matter to energy our relationship with life changes dramatically. Through instinct our mind tells us we gain most of our energy from the food that we eat. The hectic pace of modern life ensures that we often feel drained of energy. This imbalance in the body upsets the harmony of the body and mind and causes distress and conflicts. By becoming aware we feel the abundance of energy that surrounds us 24 hours a day. We notice that energy flows freely from person to person or object to object. In fact there exists no boundaries or divisions of energy, making possession and control of energy meaningless. When we begin to appreciate the ebbs and flows of all this energy around us we no longer blame people or objects for taking our energy away.

We have become aware of the debilitating affect of negative emotions on our strength and energy. Meditation, positive thought and action, are great ways of ensuring our harmony and well-being. However, becoming aware of and feeling this vast universe of energy that is around us ensures that we can expand our consciousness further. There are no particular ways of utilising this abundance of energy that surrounds us but becoming aware of it during our regular meditations will help us feel it. This is the first step to be able to tap into its resources. This particular life energy is extremely strong when we are in nature therefore we find by meditating in nature or spending time in nature we feel energised.

When we meditate we experience this energy. It is a good time to appreciate it, and become aware of its presence all around us. Sit down, take a breath, and meditate for a few moments. Follow your breath. Imagine that with each breath, energy is coming into you, flowing through your body. Use your imagination. As you breathe in the life force energy reflect on the presence of "energy" around you. Breathe it in. Feel it. Experience it. Let energy flow through you. Imagine you can feel all that energy within you. Let it energise you and replace any feelings of fatigue and hopelessness. Just notice your responses. If you are used to feeling a lack of energy, you may feel frustrated as soon as you think about it. If this is so, it is important to focus on the abundance of energy. Let yourself breathe in the possibility that you can experience more energy.

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